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The American Pride Calendar is a Special Project of

FaithWalk Corporation

The FaithWalk Corporation is located in Northwest Arkansas. We market history tabletop books and history awareness calendars for select groups, organizations and associations in America. Our American Pride Calendar is directed towards the true history of our great country. This product will also promote made in America products and made in America companies. Our historical designed Tabletop book/Calendars are not like the typical wall calendar.  Our products contain a wealth of information, such as the true history and awareness of the subjects we are working on.  After a year’s use as a wall calendar, the calendar then becomes an attractive tabletop book that people are proud to display in their homes.



About the Product

2016 American Pride Calendar and Tabletop Book
Dedicated to “We the People”….


With special tribute to our Founding Fathers


  • This style of “History Awareness” within a calendar has never been done to the best of our knowledge and is designed around America’s history, our Founding Fathers, and Christian values.
  • It will give concerned citizens a way to see, read, and better understand how America’s history can play a major role in changing the problems and corruption that is prevalent in our governing system today.
  • This calendar will be a confidence and morale builder for the everyday citizen that is trying to get involved with helping restore America and regain our country’s honor.
  • A great gift to those friends or family members who are still not convinced about what to believe or how to become involved in being an essential component in our country’s future.
  • The American Pride Calendar will be a great way for parents and grandparents to share with their children and grand-children the values of true history that they are not getting in school or from the broadcasting media.

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